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Our Alaskan Photo Album

A view of Alaska's Mount McKinley with Wonder Lake in the foreground
No visit to Alaska would be complete with seeing Mt. McKinley.
At 20,320 feet high, Mt. McKinley is the tallest mountain in
North America. It is the centerpiece of Denali National Park.

Camping on the shores of Tangle Lake
Alaska has many places where you can really get away from it
all. Tangle Lake is one of many lakes in Alaska where you may
feel the lake is all yours! Tangle Lake is located on the Denali Hwy.

Dahl Sheep on a cliff
Wildlife abounds in Alaska! This Dahl Sheep was spotted just
south of Anchorage from the Seward Hwy. Your chances of
seeing moose, bear, caribou and more are excellent while visiting

Trans-Alaska Pipeline
Here we are looking down a length of the Trans-Alaska
Pipeline. The pipeline runs almost 800 miles from Prudhoe
Bay, south to Valdez. Almost half of it is elevated. There are
many excellent spots to view the pipeline from the road.

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