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Obscene Scholar 2016 HD 720p

Obscene Scholar 2016 HD 720p

Info: IMDB
Genre: Romance
Stars: Oh Joo-ha, Min Joo and Kim Yeong-joon-II
Quality: 720p
Source: HDRip 720p

Obscene Scholar 2016 HD 720p – “There are women from the Joseon times you’ve never experienced before!” Park Yong-joo is the Joseon time’s greatest playboy and he messes with the wrong woman. His life is in danger so he runs, begging the heavens for a life of freedom. Surprisingly, he time-slips to the 21st Century.There, Yong-joo meets two women who is possibly worse than him and he thinks he’s finally in a world of freedom. He spends the most pleasurable time with the women but he soon realizes that it’s not all pleasure.

Obscene Scholar 2016 HD 720p


Subtitle English,Indonesia

Size: 550 MB
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